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1. I'm just finishing up with my Spinal Decompression treatment plan and I can tell you how well this has worked out. On October 4th, 2009 my back just went into spasms and then my entire left leg went numb all the way to the foot. I could hardly walk and couldn't put any weight on my leg. My son brought me into Dr. Tucker's office. I was very concerned I was going to need surgery. The x rays showed the L5 disc was pretty far thinned out. But after getting an exam, Dr. Tucker started me on decompression treatments with the DRX9000. The response was amazing. After just a few treatments the back spasms were gone and I was walking again. Over the next three weeks there was less and less pain in the leg with only a few minutes of pain in the knee. The last week all of the leg and back pain was gone and I was back to work again. I work at a busy courtesy counter standing all day so there is strain on my back. But I am careful with bending and doing my core exercises and my back feels fine. There is no question, this is the best treatment you could have.

-Marge A. / Rochester

2. As a firefighter we perform a lot of drills as part of our ongoing training. In 2004 I was doing a RIT drill and sustained a ruptured disc at L5. I had the surgery and had a fragment removed that was on my sciatic nerve. But just 3 months later the same disc herniated again. The repeat MRI showed a persistent right lateral disc protrusion. The neurosurgeon told me it is not unheard of for these discs to herniate again because they can be weaker after the surgery. Instead of having a second surgery I went through the treatment program on the DRX9000. This relieved the low back pain and sciatic pain that was radiating down my right leg. The Spinal Decompression was effective. My career in the Fire Department is very important to me. If you have a serious back pain condition, if you are looking at surgery, you need to work with Dr. Tucker.

-Jason W. / Asst. Fire Marshall

3. My name is Nick and I saw Dr. Tucker when I was practicing in a busy dental clinic in Rochester. Because of the constant bending and postural stress I started to develop a painful lumbar disc condition and the pain started radiating into my glutes. I am pleased to say I consulted with Dr. Tucker and I was a good candidate for Spinal Decompression therapy on the DRX9000. After just 4 treatments my pain resolved and I went on to complete the treatment program and started my core exercises. I appreciated the professionalism that Dr. Tucker brought to my treatment plan. Being a dentist I also appreciate working with high tech quality technology and the DRX9000 in my opinion is the premier device for Spinal Decompression. This treatment has my highest recommendation for comfort, safety and efficacy.

-Nicholas W. DDS

4. My name is Gary. About 2 years ago I started to get low back pain. I tried to just live with it but it got worse. It got to the point I couldn't walk, it stopped me from enjoying the things I like to do hunting and gardening. I was recommended to see Dr. Tucker by someone that also had the decompression treatments. Even though he did not charge for the consultation, Dr. Tucker did a complete exam and went to the trouble to get my x rays from the VA so I wouldn't have to get new x rays. He took the time to go over my findings which I could see had a pretty advanced degenerating disc. This is a sign the disc is under a lot of stress. He then showed me some easy-to-understand graphics on how decompression works to relieve pressure on the nerves and the discs. The DRX9000 is an amazing machine. I had back pain relief from the first day. The treatment is so easy and painless that many times I dozed off. Dr. Tucker has me on a custom designed exercise program to keep my back stabilized.

-Gary S. / Loader operator

5. I had an injury to my back in the mid 1970s when I was in the Navy. The military doctors did a good job treating my injury but they never gave me any advisement on rehab exercises to get the strength back. Over the years my back underwent degeneration. Between that and my warehouse work starting a few years ago my back started to go out more and more often. The last time it went out in June I was just bending over at home. It was shooting from my back out to my hip. It was so painful I couldn't drive the forklift and I was off work. X rays showed my lumbar discs were getting thin and deteriorated. Then I started treating with Dr. Tucker and had the spinal decompression treatments on the DRX. My back is feeling a hundred percent better. The pain is out of my butt and hip. Dr. Tucker and his treatments have given me my life back.

-DeWaine S. / Warehouse Supervisor

6. Hi, my name is Adam and I am a supervisor at RCTC. It is Dec 8th 2010, I just had my 3rd treatment and I want to tell you the results are excellent. Way beyond anything I could have expected. I started to have low back pain a year ago toward the end of Dec 2009. It got progressively worse to the point I had to stop running, could not sit, could hardly walk without pain. I had a severe give way pain on Oct 31st 2010 and went to see my family med doctor at OMC – Dr. Daniel Swartz. We had x rays that showed disc degeneration problems throughout my lumbar spine. He referred me to Dr. Tucker and we started treatment with regular chiropractic adjustments and also the spinal decompression therapy. Dr. Tucker gave me a thorough exam and we started right away. No wasted time. From the very first treatment I had at least 85% reduction in pain! That’s after a year of pain sometimes as bad as 9 out of 10. I can’t thank Dr.Tucker enough for this kind of relief. I’m back to doing all of my normal activities. No pain with bending or sitting. I even shoveled snow last weekend with no problem.

-Adam Worth / Rochester

7. Hi, my name is Adam, I'm a supervisor at RCTC. It is Dec 8th 2010, I just had my 3rd treatment and the results are excellent. Beyond anything I could have expected. I started with low back pain a year ago toward the end of 2009. It got progressively worse to where I couldn't run any more, could not sit long. I had a severe give way on Oct 31, 2010 and went to see my family med doctor at OMC - Dr Daniel Swartz. The x rays showed disc problems throughout my low back. He referred me to see Dr. Tucker. We did the spinal adjustments which is the regular chiropractic treatment and also the spinal decompression therapy. From the 1st treatment my pain was reduced at least 85%! I am back to doing all my activities with no pain aggravation. I shoveled snow last weekend no problem. Dr. Tucker gave me a good thorough exam and then we got right to the treatment. No wasted time. I can't thank him enough for this kind of relief. 

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