Laser Therapy for Pain Relief

MLS Deep Tissue Robotic Laser Therapy

Patients have always used chiropractic as the first choice in pain relief.   Now there is a breakthrough in relieving pain of the most common back and joint pain conditions.   MLS Deep Tissue Robotic Laser is effective for 80%+ of the conditions we  will look at below and in the Conditions Treated tabs

MLS M6 Laser is a new design from Cutting Edge Technology that incorporates a dual wavelength into the same beam, and syncs them together.   The 808 nanometer wavelength is anti-inflammatory.  The 905 nm is pain relieving.   The result is the 2 wavelength boost each other in a synergistic way.  The result is a devastatingly effective Laser to provide relief of pain and inflammation in the most common back and joint pain conditions.


Dr. Tucker has been following  Laser technology for 10 years. His experience was the previous generation of Class IVs could give good relief in about 40% of conditions, but they were not consistent enough and rapid enough  to be worth offering his patients.   They were compromised because they could only deliver one wavelength or the other - they didn’t have the technology to do both. 


That all changed with the advent of the MLS M6.  This Laser - designed by physicists in Italy at  Cutting Edge Laser Technology - uses Robotic Application for a precise, effective delivery.  It is a FDA Cleared Class IV laser used to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, promote healing and restore mobility.   This device was released approximately 5 years ago.  Dr. Tucker talked to some of the doctors that were using it.  Every one of them was absolutely amazed at the results they were getting - pain relief, reduction of inflammation and improved flexibility for almost every musculoskeletal back and joint condition.   Certainly there are advanced Chiropractic Clinics using the MLS technology,  But it is also used by Medical Clinics:  Orthopedic Clinics for conditions that do not require surgery, or post surgical to promote healing and reduce scar tissue.  IN fact. The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) updated their guidelines for osteoarthritis of the knee joint for the first time since 2013 to now INCLUDE LASER THERAPY.  That is because it is a clinical procedure that has proven to be effective in practice.   Sports Medicine Clinics use the MLS M6.  The first pro sports team using the M6 was Dallas Cowboys.   Also, Green Bay Packers, Baltimore Ravens, Cleveland Cavaliers, Milwaukee Bucks - all use the MLS M6 to treat their injured players.   In fact, at start of the 2019 season the Dallas Cowboys purchased their 2nd M6 for sports injury rehab!  Many top Podiatry Clinics use the MLS technology to treat foot conditions:  plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains and strains, metatarsalgia and tendonitis.  And Pain Clinics for conditions like peripheral neuropathy.   The reason MLS Laser is so versatile goes beyond the dual wavelengths.  Other technologies are the M6 Laser is powerful - up to 10x over the old class IVs.  But the M6 is Pulsed - it doesn’t generate heat - its not a hot laser - its not going to burn you.  The old class IVs if you left them in one place too long, yes they could burn you.  So Cutting Edge designed in Pulsed so it doesn’t burn - very safe to use - no heat, no radiation.   This factor alone offers all of the power you need for effective pain relief and none of the risk - an elegant solution to the safety issue. 


All of these patented technologies boost the effectiveness from the old 40% to MLS M6 80%+ range.   In this industry this kind of improvement in pain relief is HUGE!    Orthopedic Surgeon Scott Sigman MD of  Orthopedic Surgical Associates of Lowell, Massachusetts said it well:  “With chronic conditions we can help reduce, if not eliminate pain and musculoskeletal disease with basic, simple light  energy.  And using the MLS Laser … it works.  Without surgery, without injections and without prescriptive medications.“  


At Brookview Chiropractic we agree with doctors of all specialties this will be the Standard in Pain Practices.  Even in Primary Care Clinics it will be Standard.  

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